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Promises, Promises, promise



1. Fiscal Accountability. No more bonds and levies. When possible remodel existing structures instead of building.

2. Recruit and Retain Stellar Teachers. Find creative ways to recruit teachers and provide incentives to keep them in the district.

3. Equitable Educational Opportunities. No matter where a student attends school they should be able to access the same set of tools and services to achieve their educational goals.

4. Greater Transparency. Open lines of communication between the district and parents; make board meetings more appealing and encourage the district to engage in more conflict resolution and fewer lawsuits.

5. Create district standards for IEP's and 504 plans. 

The next school board is very important to our community!


This election will see two new board members who will hire the next superintendent. The board owes it to the community to get this decision right. For a decision this integral, I would push for all residents to have input into the superintendent candidate evaluation criteria. All voices should all be heard as we search for someone who will lead our district in a new and exciting direction. 

Under my leadership I will fight for positive changes within the School District: Fiscal accountability; Recruit and retain stellar teachers; Conservative infrastructure planning; Equitable educational opportunities; and Greater transparency. It is my vision that the Issaquah School District be a national leader in education. Every child deserves the best in STEM, gifted or special education services that we can provide using the best scientifically proven methods of learning tailored to each child’s specific needs. 

The board also has the opportunity to revisit district policies in an effort to make our classrooms and schools better, while at the same time lifting up student academic performance. 

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